October verses

Catalan jazz plays
Trout and Shitakes soothing
Autumn in plague times.

This eening's dreams
live on clean, wind-dried sheets
infuse my  repose.

(from Song of the Bureaucrat, Vol III)
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    Rosa Cedron- Seréname

Full Moon Senryu

Slightly blue above
The flower moon is in town
Shining on Elm Street.

(from Tales of Persepolis, vol III)
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    Les Hay Babies- Fontaine à Vœux

Existential Feline Despair Haiku

Daily, with their thoughts,
profundity and sweet doom,
but cats cannot write

Without decent ink,
depth of soul, shining mirth,
never will be known.

Observing keenly
Our Byron with pointy ears,
passion unspoken.

(From Tales of Persepolis)