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A cat prowls at night
guarding their curv'd protector
let the jungle speak

(from songs of Old Castile)
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Birthday Senryu


Let the Naiads sing
Who will wear the Starry Crown?
Then eat cake.

(from The Paean of Dignity, 3d edn)
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    Soul Secret Agency- Let the Chips Fall Where They May

October verses

Catalan jazz plays
Trout and Shitakes soothing
Autumn in plague times.

This evening's dreams
live on clean, wind-dried sheets
infuse my  repose.

(from Song of the Bureaucrat, Vol III)
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    Rosa Cedron- Seréname

Full Moon Senryu

Slightly blue above
The flower moon is in town
Shining on Elm Street.

(from Tales of Persepolis, vol III)
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