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Colonoscopy haiku

Intravenous dreams
walking to dinner in Greece
then I am awake.

(from Tales of Persepolis)

Existential Feline Despair Haiku

Daily, with their thoughts,
profundity and sweet doom,
but cats cannot write

Without decent ink,
depth of soul, shining mirth,
never will be known.

Observing keenly
Our Byron with pointy ears,
passion unspoken.

(From Tales of Persepolis)

Cat in the Snow again

White stuff on the ground
is now part of my landscape
Feet are still chilly.

From Tales of Arborea, 2d edition
With thanks to Hexy of Yarmouth Avenue

Dryadic Peregrina Commemoration Senryu

Tree-climbing Ari
She scrambles up the elm
Wisconsin quivers.

From Songs of the Lost Provinces, vol II
(window by Jack Clements at Salt Spring Island United Church)

Martian Sunrise Senryu

Above the blue zone
Sun lateral over Mars
rising.  Cats take note!
(From Planetary Poems, 2d draft)

Cat Haiku Duel!

this here is heaven
bookend cats in a warm room:
what more could I want?

  (by Erin Mack)

No cat allergy
this would be my sole request
and some ripe peaches.

(from Tales of Persepolis)
scholarship's funding
by gravy, curds and french fries
such be our future.

(Tales of Persepolis)

Electricity Senryu

After four long hours
my ipod synchronizes.
Apple is cruel

(From Tales of Persepolis)

Forest Creature Haiku

Mask'd in the Forest
Alert for lurking danger
or just time for lunch?

(from Tales of Arborea)

lakeside haiku

Science key to all
Measurement the first task of truth
This water is cold.

(From Tales of Arborea)