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Blithe Disapproval Senryu

Painted Salome
Ignores all the cameras
o blasé statue!

(Walking Poems)

Angel on strings

Jiving forever
by a Catalan altar
gal with a cello.

(From the Walking Poems: Camino)

New Toilet Haiku

Sleek but not bashful
A tower of purity
Two speeds for the earth

(from Tales of Persepolis)

Dedication Senryu


fire drills are needed
life model serenity
at thirty below

(from Tales of Persepolis)

Return Senryu

With shifting time zones
correspondence before the dawn
is the new normal.

(Camino Verse:  The Walking Cycle)

FB Count Senryu (Revised)

Fifteen for past joys
and scanning through my friends list
Sixteen for the lens.

Senryu of Legumes

Seeking my reward
Tomorrow the Caliloo
My plate will be green.

(from Tales of Arborea)

Third Week of Spring Haiku

By the cenotaph
flakes make their speedy descent
Where is spring, I ask?
(from Tales of Persepolis)

Peformance Indicator Senryu


Measurement is key
to knowledge, in breadth and depth.
Then, full payment made.

(from Song of the Bureaucrat, Vol III)

Dryad Haiku

Facing the north
Such defiance inspires all
December still comes

(from Canciones de Lago de Barnes